I've wanted to start a blog for some time but was stuck at the very beginning. What to write!? It's easy to get caught up in trying to be original or funny, touching or informative. Should I document fashion trends? Post various photos? Satirize U.S. politics? My search continued until recently...the first Tuesday. A close someone and I found ourselves with a completely free day. We'd planned coffee with computers, a trip to the mall, a meal here and there, a Monty Python movie, and some hot toddies. We're fun as hell! Anyway...from this day, Tuesdays with Jonny arose.


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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12/7/11- A return to Tuesday

Guess who's back?  Tuesdays with Jonny has taken a much protested hiatus, but rest assured that we are back and better than ever.  Sometimes you just need a little break to realign and find inspiration.  My Tuesday was spent in Florida at Fred Howard Park with the lovely pair of legs you see next to my hairy one.

What was yours?

Text #1:  "Chelsea Studios still looks the same, don't worry."

Kelly, Chelsea Studios better watch out because I'm gonna be back with a vengeance, though judging by your attire you're readying for a dance call.  For the record... I will not be avenging any dance calls.

Text #2:  "About to kill it Million Dollar Quartet style on the Rosie Show!!  6pm CST show tonight!  OWN network.

Colte's text reads like ad copy straight from Mad Men.  Regardless, I'm very proud of my pal.  He killed it on Rosie as Jerry Lee Lewis!  ps.  No one goes by Central Time.

Text #3:  "Guess what I just found in the office!"

Jill has uncovered a classic.  Banagrams is where scrabble meets solitaire on the other side.  A brilliant marriage.  On a separate note, I'm thinking of making an adult version called "Banan Hammock-grams". Thoughts?

Text #4:  "Okay smartass, this is my Tuesday...getting ready for the months ahead...no sand in my immediate future!!

Faithie, I'd scratch you a tune on my tiny violin but it's so small I can't find it.  Let me remind you that my sandy picture up there is only a slight respite before returning north for the unpredictable winter that lies ahead.

Text #5:  "Babysitting a lab...they may look innocent, but have proven to become arch enemies"

Luann, they look not so much innocent as they do slightly demonic.  I think they're in cahoots.

Text #6:  no text

Seeing Kaeleen with carbs is like seeing cottage cheese at McDonald's.  Something. isn't. right.

Text #7:  "take cover...seagull"

I hope you weren't saying that while looking up Jess.  Were you wearing a bread bikini to attract such a flock?  It's a great shot regardless.

Final Thoughts

I wasn't sure how it would feel to be writing Tuesdays again after taking a break.  Well, it feels good.  It's wonderful to be creative whether you invent your own outlet or participate in something organized.  It soothes the soul.  This week take some time for yourself and create something, even if it's doodling!  I promise it'll hit the spot!

Till next week...



Wednesday, August 17, 2011

8/17/11- Tuesday, shoesday

Before you are some sweet, vegan kicks that arrived in the mail today.  Vegan you ask?  That's right.  Neither cow, nor goat, nor duck was injured in the making of my walk arounds.  The girl ordered them for my birthday.  They came in a couple days late, but it meant more days of presents.  No objection here.  

How about your Tuesdays?  Any objections?

Text #1:  "My Tuesday is sitting back while I observe others doing the work! =)"

What my future sister-in-law, Monica,  didn't mention was that she and her fam also bought a party boat today.  Yeah...they be mad ballin'!  It's like an episode of cribs over there.

Text #2:  "Woking on finishing my gallon for the day...flavorless liquid for 2 weeks straight is making me cranky...I want some diet coke!"

Luann, what could diet coke possibly have on the light brown liquid in that plastic jug?  Mmm, mmm good?

Text #3:  "Hoarding at work!  Sweet Yuengling hat!"

Kaeleen, I'm loving the whole one man's junk thing going on here!  I'm a little confused as to why the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is outfitted with Yuegling Hats.  Yet  another post illustrating why you can't tell your coworkers about my blog. 

Text #4:  "Sippin' on some sizzurp."

Erin...I don't even know what that means, but that sizzurp must be pretty strong!  Everything is getting blurry...

Text #5:  "Putting my feet up!  Did an overnight shoot last night so I'm exhausted!"

That's funny, Yvette.  I have a very similar view while I'm working...minus that painted toes and un-hairy legs of course!

Text #6:  "Playin in C"

Colte, you're luck to squeeze any C out of that thing.  It looks like it's had better days.  B5 looks like it offended E+F6 at one time or another! (yeah, yeah...we're music nerds.  Don't judge us, non-music nerds.  We're the ones who provided fight songs at your football games!!)

Text #7:  "Well Jonny, just took Max out (in the dark) and I hope there's nothin' on these shoes!!!

Well, future Grandma Faithie, I'm not sure what's on your shoe, but I definitely know a shit-eating-grin when I see one!  

Text #8:  "Quiet Tuesday with the Drapers"

No, Jess is not in the market for new curtains.  She's catching me up on Mad Men.  How did I go for so long without it?

Final Thoughts

Sometimes life get caught on spin cycle.  Excitement, anticipation, Don't think of it as never ending.  Instead, try to look at it as shaking out the unwanted lint that's been weighing you down!  That's the only way I can think of it or my head will spin off my body.  It's been clear to launch for about 6 months now!  Deep breaths folks.  That's my secret!  Deep breaths.

Till next week...


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

8/9/11- A Tuesday for the books

I'm fairly certain that the picture sums it up, but in case you were wondering... I'm still in a cloud!  It seems that this Tuesday and a number of following Tuesdays' general state of mind shall be governed by last Friday's events.  Ya know what!?  That's fine by me!  Thank you all for the warm wishes, the love, the support.  It all warms our hearts!

Enough about me though... what was your Tuesday?

Text #1:  "Watching Mary Poppins with the kiddies."

...said Nick shortly before he was arrested.

Text #2:  "Arranging music.  Ughhhh"

Colte...are you finally composing my background music?  It's about time I have the music that I usually  hear in my head when walking down the street in slow motion.

Text #3:  "Just ran 3 miles without stopping!!!  It only took 35 min...good thing I have til March to train for my half marathon"

3 miles without stopping is excellent, Addie!  These days my idea of a half marathon is waking up, peeing, and finding my way back to bed!

Text #4:  "This was Dawn's ride this morning."

Looks like Dawn had one helluva ride this morning L-Cat. I bet she'd like Rain-X so she can "outsmart the elements".  Did you know that she can now purchase the patented Rain-X wiper blade: the only blade to apply Rain X water beading technology??  Would someone freakin' sponsor me already!?  

Text #5:  "My soon to be super svelte mid-section....started my laser lipo treatments today...go mom job!

Luann, I admire your courage in facing the modern day ray-gun.  Had I known I would have offered you my end of summer special.  Yes, it looks like a laser pointer taped to a  magnifying glass.  No, it has not been FDA approved (still pending).  Maybe, it's harmful...    Offer still stands!

Text #6:  "I should be cleaning or baking or doing something house wifey but instead I've been laying in bed all day with my new book."

Monica, I read your text but all I got out of it was "thank you for my favorite birthday present ever"!  You're welcome!

Text #7:  "Night cap!  Bottoms up! Salut! Enjoy!"

Jess is usually so eloquent with toasts.  Tonight she seems to be repeating herself.  She must be in a cloud too.

Text #8:  "Hi Jonny, guess who's come to dinner!!

Well look who graced CT with her presence, Faithie!  Be warned...she's a bit of a free loader.  She kept to herself the entire 1200 miles and refused to chip in for lunch!  

Final Thoughts

Life is good!!  Yes, that's cliche and it's not true at all times.  I, however, am gonna ride this wave until the oceans dry up.  It hads been one crazy emotional week.  The nerves, the excitement, the love, the overwhelmed-ness, the surprises, the family, the friends, the dry heaves!!  I'm thankful for it all.  Never has it all felt so meant-to-be!  A wise man recently shared his belief in fate.  I couldn't agree more.

I'll leave it at that...till next Tuesday...



Wednesday, August 3, 2011


First of all, happy August!!  This is an important month for many reasons.  To my fellow Leo's...you know the secret handshake.  To everyone else...welcome to our month, just don't touch anything!!

Today was a day of concentration.  I'm just breaking into the routine of a new job.  It's not easy after 9 months off!!  My first discovery was that, no matter how it appears, the swiss ball enforces excellent posture!

What was your Tuesday all about?

Text #1:  "On camera acting class....oh for the love of teaching"

Nick, I neither see a camera nor acting.  Could this be because action paused for you to lament your teaching woes in the form of a soliloquy...or was it an aside? One can never be too sure!

Text #2:    "Justin Turners wearing the short pants.  I love the short pants.  And thus, I now love Justin Turner even more."

Okay Kelly, let me lay it down like this.  Short pants can be related to the cowboy boot theory... either you're gay or you live in Texas.

Text #3:  (accidentally erased the text...whoops!)

To sum it up, my mother is now running for Alderman...then congress...then the World!  I knew her when she used to wake me up for school and serve me pop tarts.  

Text #4:  "My Tuesday?  Nothing much, just waking up to a present Emma made for me...wrapped it and everything."

Well, that's, uh...lovely, Monica.  There are no words to eloquently express my feelings on a clump of hair wrapped in green yarn and given as a gift.

Text #5:  "Waiting for the storm to pass...that's my Tuesday."

Honestly Erin, I'm no master of avionics but I'd be more concerned about the lack of plane rather than the abundance of storm.  That luggage mover is not going to fly itself!

Final Thoughts

When embarking on anything new; a relationship, a job, an adventure... be sure to allow for a learning curve.  You'll thank yourself!  It's easy to ride the band wagon of past experience but you can't judge new books by old covers.  Give things a chance.  They might not go swimmingly at first but you'd be surprised what a little patience, some hard work and trial + error will bring to the table.  Just take a deep breath and keep telling yourself it's bound to get easier!

Till next time...



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7/26/11- My day off!

"Welcome back Jonny!"  Why thank you .  Sorry for the lapse in entries last week folks.  Check out ourugust (shameless plug) for the full breakdown of excuses.  

Today, on my break from my computer screen, I decided to check out...the computer screen.  Hey!  The girl and I need somewhere to hang our hats!  AND...we may be coming to a metro-area near you.

What were you up to?

Text #1:  "Can you tell which car is mine?"

Leslie, is it the SC, the Explorer, or the Dodge station wagon in the distance?  My head tells me the sporty coupe.  My gut tells me it's not the station wagon.  That'd just be gauche!  My heart tells me it's the Explorer because it reminds me of my dear old Jeep Grand Cherokee (affectionately known as "The Purple Skittle") that moved my friends just about everywhere from 1997-2004!  

Text #2:  "Okay Jonny, this was my Tuesday." 

My mother thinks she's the modern age Tarzan.  Seriously!  I go away for a month, 28 days, and she's swinging from the trees.  Am I losing faith....

Text #3:  "Cousin It!!"

You look...um...pretty, Kaeleen.  Is the the...finished product?  Did you...pay yet?

Text #4:  "Get out of here!  I'm looking for apartment furniture!"

Well I'll be, Yvette!  With our powers combined, we are ultimate thrift shoppers.  Word to the wise?  Beware of bed bugs.  Those little bastards are relentless.  You'll have to light your couch on fire and burn down your entire house.  Don't say I didn't warn you!

Text #5:  "Who's a good girl?!"

Hey Jess!  Pick me, pick me! ...it's this brave lady!  Aside from nearly walking across the ceiling and bucking off four grown adults when it was time to have her nails clipped.

Text #6:  "Back in Chicago after singing at Gammage auditorium in Temple, AZ yesterday."

Okay, Colte...I know you're were singing, but why are there traffic cones, blue flags, and Heaven in the background?    

Text #7:  "Day one of Secret santas at Mac-Haydyn.  My first gift:  Island themed gift basket on my world tour starting at a certain mysetirous and magnetic island somewhere between Sydney and LAX!

Kelly, I'm confused.  I get that you're referencing LOST and it's winter in Australia right now.  Are you lost in Australia?  Where does Santa come into play.  Why is it a secret?

Final Thoughts

You never know where life is going to take you.  Sometimes it takes you to Tampa.  Sometimes Manhattan.  Sometimes San Francisco.  Be maleable folks.  Keep a bag packed in the top of your closet just in case.  Have a cab company on speed dial.  Be ready for adventure, available to risk, excepting of nerves.  Let the stress roll off your back.  Know that the trivial is not worth a loss of sleep.  And no matter what anyone says...you got swag!!

Till next time...



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

7/12/11&7/19/11-rounding the learning curve`

Hello all!  This is more of a disclaimer than a post.  I spent the last week in San Francisco, living, learning and loving.  That's right!  I have a new job.  I apologize for missing a couple weeks of posts but assure you that next Tuesday I'll  be back up and running.  So...keep those pictures coming!!!

thanks for your patience...


ps.  check ouraugust.com soon for updates on the San Fran life and the new job.  It'll blow your mind!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

7/5/11- sometimes we're all guilty

This is the courthouse in downtown Orlando.  It's an absolute coincidence that the girl and I were passing by today...the day of the verdict heard around the world.  As a rule I generally shy away from the crowd, most times tossing aside popular thought to discover my own path.  This time, however, I couldn't peel myself away from the news.  I sat, watching tv throughout the trial, enthralled with its goings on.  I can't say I'm thrilled with the outcome...but I'm not shocked or angry.  I also can't say it has anything to do with me at all.

What did you do today?

Text #1:  "In complete shock this Tuesday"


A screening of the new Casey Anthony movie with  George Lopez as Jose Baez,  Dustin Hoffman as Jeff Ashton and the guy who played Phillip Banks on Fresh Prince of Bel Air as Judge Belvin Perry (obviously).  Luann can't believe they just rejected the title "Bitch Dun Got Away With It!"  

Text #2:  "Taco Bus after camp!!!"

Nick...your choice of filling??  That's what she said!  Couldn't resist!

Text #3:  "My building's bigger than yours."

G, well done on following up last week's phallus with...this weeks phallus.  Always a safe bet in the humor department.

Text #4:  "Another gloomy one brewing.  Lightening dodging anyone?"

Hey Kaeleen, remember that time we went to the Rays game and then we all piled in the back of Mr. & Mrs. Ziegler's car and they took us to Chuck E. Cheese?  Was that just last week?

Text #5:  "New word game...one more time waster!!!!

Can anyone recommend a Word Game Addicts Anonymous (W.G.A.A.) for my mother?  It started with Bookworm, then Words with Friends, and now Word Jewels!?  Where will the madness stop?

Text #6:  "My mind is drawing a blank"

Mine would too Jess, if it were swimming in hair dye while I sipped moonshine from a mason jar!  Mine would too.

Text #7:  "Go Twins Go!! ;)"

For those of you who don't know, the Twins beat the Rays today 3-2.  Heidi, we're officially fighting  :)

Final Thoughts

Can you believe than an innocent child's death so quickly became a national spectacle driven by the media?  The world watched as a family's every move (though thoroughly upsetting) was scrutinized for all to see.  There are many ups and downs to our judicial system (I have plenty of opinions on the matter) but you can't deny that it's an intricate process that guarantees us legal rights including the right to a trial by a jury of our peers.  Somewhere in our history, between technology and sensationalism, someone decided that one's moral character may not only be judged in a court of law, but also in our homes for entertainment.  My hope is that if you were avid tuner inner, as I admittedly was, that you let go of any anger you may feel for this, an incomplete story that may never have answers, and take away a lesson.  Treat each other with love and respect.  Honor your family.  Be honest.  Life is not something to waste!  And mind your own damn business....ha!  

Till next time...