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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

7/5/11- sometimes we're all guilty

This is the courthouse in downtown Orlando.  It's an absolute coincidence that the girl and I were passing by today...the day of the verdict heard around the world.  As a rule I generally shy away from the crowd, most times tossing aside popular thought to discover my own path.  This time, however, I couldn't peel myself away from the news.  I sat, watching tv throughout the trial, enthralled with its goings on.  I can't say I'm thrilled with the outcome...but I'm not shocked or angry.  I also can't say it has anything to do with me at all.

What did you do today?

Text #1:  "In complete shock this Tuesday"


A screening of the new Casey Anthony movie with  George Lopez as Jose Baez,  Dustin Hoffman as Jeff Ashton and the guy who played Phillip Banks on Fresh Prince of Bel Air as Judge Belvin Perry (obviously).  Luann can't believe they just rejected the title "Bitch Dun Got Away With It!"  

Text #2:  "Taco Bus after camp!!!"

Nick...your choice of filling??  That's what she said!  Couldn't resist!

Text #3:  "My building's bigger than yours."

G, well done on following up last week's phallus with...this weeks phallus.  Always a safe bet in the humor department.

Text #4:  "Another gloomy one brewing.  Lightening dodging anyone?"

Hey Kaeleen, remember that time we went to the Rays game and then we all piled in the back of Mr. & Mrs. Ziegler's car and they took us to Chuck E. Cheese?  Was that just last week?

Text #5:  "New word game...one more time waster!!!!

Can anyone recommend a Word Game Addicts Anonymous (W.G.A.A.) for my mother?  It started with Bookworm, then Words with Friends, and now Word Jewels!?  Where will the madness stop?

Text #6:  "My mind is drawing a blank"

Mine would too Jess, if it were swimming in hair dye while I sipped moonshine from a mason jar!  Mine would too.

Text #7:  "Go Twins Go!! ;)"

For those of you who don't know, the Twins beat the Rays today 3-2.  Heidi, we're officially fighting  :)

Final Thoughts

Can you believe than an innocent child's death so quickly became a national spectacle driven by the media?  The world watched as a family's every move (though thoroughly upsetting) was scrutinized for all to see.  There are many ups and downs to our judicial system (I have plenty of opinions on the matter) but you can't deny that it's an intricate process that guarantees us legal rights including the right to a trial by a jury of our peers.  Somewhere in our history, between technology and sensationalism, someone decided that one's moral character may not only be judged in a court of law, but also in our homes for entertainment.  My hope is that if you were avid tuner inner, as I admittedly was, that you let go of any anger you may feel for this, an incomplete story that may never have answers, and take away a lesson.  Treat each other with love and respect.  Honor your family.  Be honest.  Life is not something to waste!  And mind your own damn business....ha!  

Till next time...



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I have every intention of following up this week's phallus with...next week's phallus!

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