I've wanted to start a blog for some time but was stuck at the very beginning. What to write!? It's easy to get caught up in trying to be original or funny, touching or informative. Should I document fashion trends? Post various photos? Satirize U.S. politics? My search continued until recently...the first Tuesday. A close someone and I found ourselves with a completely free day. We'd planned coffee with computers, a trip to the mall, a meal here and there, a Monty Python movie, and some hot toddies. We're fun as hell! Anyway...from this day, Tuesdays with Jonny arose.


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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

6/28/11- a day so long...it may still be Tuesday

Psych!  This is Clearwater, FL's best impression of the city that never sleeps.  They're hiring though.  Mesmells an economic upswing!  

Long story short: this little piece of the American dream was discovered on a Starbucks run before driving to Tampa.  Tampa lead us to the mall and the mall lead us to the Bricks in Ybor for some sippin' and suppin'.  Somewhere in between we lost the power steering and the car started to smoke.  We sought refuge at a close friend's house.  We rearranged furniture.  We talk awhile.  We ate Pita Pit at 2AM.  We fell asleep watching Arrested Development on Netflix.  It was a long damn day.

Was yours?

Text #1:  "So Jonny...whadya think??  Grass by next Tuesday???

Mom, I think you should trade the cat for some magic beans.

Text #2:  "I'm never lost thanks to Brooklyn's penis-shaped tower!"

G, I think you misheard.  That's a c-l-o-c-k tower.

Text #3:  "...However I still cannot leave!  WTF.  Call me!

Kaeleen, (our saving grace when facing a car with a cold) show that sign around the office, all your future meetings will be "canceld" too!!

Text #4:  "Here's my fun filled Tuesday evening..."

Monica and I have a different definition of a fun filled evening though I appreciate strength in numbers!  Last night I thought I was going to be throwing on my stretch pants, lacing up my Nikes and walking a lot too.

Text #5:  "My baby I've worn around all day doing background work.  Highlights of the day include: Sasha Baron Cohen yelling at me (in character) to put down my baby and open the door for him, and then throwing a stack of paper cups in one take, which hit me square in the head.  Tuesday.

Let me stop you right there Kelly.  Your baby knows Borat!?  

Text #6:  "My walk in closet in my new condo could not be captured in only one shot.  It is larger than any closet and bathroom (put together) I ever had in NYC.  This Tuesday marks the end in organizing and hanging everything!

Well Schmidt, if that isn't OCD at it's best... though I do understand the excitement in having a closet that the world would actually recognize as a closet.

Text #7:  "Spending my Tuesday avoiding the company picnic leftovers....this is just cruel."

I say go for it Luann!  If there's still leftovers I'd be happy to come over and eat some feelings. 

Text #8:  "Star Spangled Banner at the trop with the cast of La Mancha!!!  Go Rays"

It's really good to see you back to your chipper, svelte self Nick.  I was supposed to be at that game!  Remember last year when we sang?  Apparently your melodious voice inspired the win... I think they lost last year.

Text #9:  "Mr. Popper's Penguins"

Leslie, I see your angle.  What am I supposed to say with that adorable little face in the picture.  I'll get you next time!

Text #10:  "&*@!#%"

When faced with two options of where to sleep, Jess just said "&*@!#%" and disappeared

Final Thoughts

Don't be afraid to ask for help.  At times we all could all use some and there is usually a wonderful person just waiting to assist.  You won't be an inconvenience, your friends won't resent you, and vulnerability really works with your complexion.  Hold on to that feeling of relief and be sure to pay it forward when someone in need comes a calling.  Sometimes it's fun to be a human!

Till next time...



Anonymous said...

First of all if anyone gets traded in, it won't be Harley...secondly, kudos on the clock tower.

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