I've wanted to start a blog for some time but was stuck at the very beginning. What to write!? It's easy to get caught up in trying to be original or funny, touching or informative. Should I document fashion trends? Post various photos? Satirize U.S. politics? My search continued until recently...the first Tuesday. A close someone and I found ourselves with a completely free day. We'd planned coffee with computers, a trip to the mall, a meal here and there, a Monty Python movie, and some hot toddies. We're fun as hell! Anyway...from this day, Tuesdays with Jonny arose.


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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1/11/11- A lucky Tuesday?

You may have already figured it out but just to be clear, I love an adventure.  Somehow I get myself, and usually my friends, into ridiculous expeditions that become tests of time, endurance, and intestinal fortitude.  The last couple weeks have turned into a motorcycle hunt.  I've always loved bikes, and what better way to get from point A to point B in the Sunshine State?  Here's the story:

I recently decided I'm moving back to NYC.  There isn't an exact date yet, but it makes sense to me to start tying up some loose ends here in FL.  Meaning...time to sell some stuff to lighten my load.  So, in what some may call a snap decision I sold my car, effectively rendering me stranded and a bit hungry.  You see, I listed it on craigslist to test the waters and received an offer I couldn't refuse in less than 24 hours.   I've since hired a driver but I think she's seeking other employment because she keeps sending me links to various modes of transportation, public and otherwise.  So... I began a motorcycle search.  My predicament seemed like an excellent excuse to get the bike I've always wanted and today, after much online research, I opened my inbox to fing a link to a beautiful 1976 Honda CB550.   Of course, nothing is as easy as it seems.  I'd already given my driver the day off (probably much needed) and wsa left to my own devises to view the bike 30 miles away.  Well, with a little help and ingenuity I came across a path wrought with adventure. [see pictures above]  On the left you'll see the first leg of my journey, the Tampa City bus.  Ugh!  On the right is the second leg of my journey, a $30 cab ride from where the bus decided to drop me off.  Below you'll see how I made my journey home:

Hot Damn!!  Just another Tuesday : )

Text #1: "Enjoying a warm fire, pjs and my dog Maggie and about to settle in for some quality tv.

I can ignore the run-on sentence because that looks darn cozy!  You know it's a Tuesday of simple pleasures when you're wearing red, knit slippers with man's best friend curled up your feet.

Text #2: "Franky jonny i have had enuf of this bleeping snow"

Mom, have you allowed your frustration for the weather to build so much that you're going to execute your shovels!?  If so, start from the right with that aquamarine temptress.  She looks to be the best in your arsenal, offering the highest volume for snow removal...but the handle is loose.  I inadvertently launched the damn thing halfway across the yard last week when attempting to shovel the the front walk! 

Text #3: (first text)"We just saw them in a garage and asked a lady if we could take pictures on                them."
-They really had me going...until I got the second text:
"they are my stepdad's"

That's about the gayest  (and smallest) biker gang I've ever seen!  I think Lucas and Wes are about to take those iron horses to softball practice in the heart of Oklahoma.

Text #4: "Was in London for the weekend, missed my flight on Monday evening so had to book a ferry for today. 11 hours travel vs 4 but a day off work today! Hot date tonight, happy days!"

I love Simon's outlook.  Monday served up some lemons but Tuesday offered a bitchin' ferry ride (much like Lucas and Wes's day).  Good old Irish is already looking beyond his 11 hour travel day to his "hot date".  Cheers!!

Text #5:  "I think I have an ulcer and a tapeworm"

This is Jess's dinner.  She has sent me pics of mouth watering eats in the past, but cheerios are depressing.  There's no bananas, no milk.  This is the type of meal that could just as easily be eaten out of a ziplock bag.  Here's hoping the Tapeworm and ulcer mend fences!   

Text #6:  "Yes.  Yes, that IS Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett.  RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY TUESDAY!  Ok, more accurately, it's Colin Firth, Jennifer Ehle, and Tom Hooper talking about "The King's Speech".  But he'll always live at Pemberly to me.

I'm embarrassed to admit how much research it just took to have even the foggiest clue about any of Kelly's references.  I now think I know that Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett are characters from Pride and Prejudice.  The King's Speech is a new movie about King George VI of Britain and his impromptu rise to the throne.  PHEW!  That was exhausting!

Text #7: "Just a day of scrabble and theatre"

It's a close game folks.  Colte is beating poor Rhonda by a mere 5 points.  It's relatively early and is still anyone's game.  Colte's has drawn some multiples but I doubt that'll slow him.  I go with the "E" and "D" on the end of mail for a double word score...but that's just me!  Not sure where theatre comes into the picture but I still like it.

Final Thoughts

This Tuesday was packed with simplicity, necessity and adventure.  It's easy to get excited over big things but it's reveling in the little things that really gets the heart pumping.  Whether you find yourself on a South Tampa safari or kicking back in front off the old boob tube, try to take a moment to reflect on the simple freedoms we're afforded and the beauty of the human condition.  It really is the good stuff.  You can dress up a sundae with a million toppings, but sometimes the vanilla ice cream is all you need.  The root of it all.  Okay, I'm boring myself with my own allegory.   I'm gonna go to bed and give Wednesday a try.

Till next time...



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