I've wanted to start a blog for some time but was stuck at the very beginning. What to write!? It's easy to get caught up in trying to be original or funny, touching or informative. Should I document fashion trends? Post various photos? Satirize U.S. politics? My search continued until recently...the first Tuesday. A close someone and I found ourselves with a completely free day. We'd planned coffee with computers, a trip to the mall, a meal here and there, a Monty Python movie, and some hot toddies. We're fun as hell! Anyway...from this day, Tuesdays with Jonny arose.


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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3/1/11- Happy March first Tuesday'ers!

Sorry for the late post people.  This picture will explain the tardiness.  Doesn't it look like I'm whiling away the hours on a wrap-around porch somewhere?  Well the jokes on you because this was taken at a Thai restaurant in South Tampa.  The funny part is that we had sushi and saki there.  Moral of the story...don't judge a book by its cover?  Moving on...

Text #1:  (no message)

Emma is my youngest and newest contributor.  I'd like to celebrate the fact that despite all of the "princessy", glittery, girly-ness she received for her 5th birthday, that's right...a whole hand!... she's playing the piano I gave her!

Text #2:  "Tuesday morning breakfast of champions"

Leslie, while I admire that masterpiece of what looks to be eggs florentine over-easy I beg to differ that Kombucha is part of a breakfast of champions.  I've tried the stuff!  I was forced to, and it tastes like fermented sweat socks with just a hint of sediment and rust.  Perhaps the champions you speak of are inmates of a nice upstate "hotel"?

Text #3:  "hehe" 

It would appear that this oddly draped being is trying to make contact from another world.  Three headed alien or proud new Mac users?  Steve Jobs or Jabba the Hut!?  You be the judge.

Text #4:  "Hanging in my hotel room in the murder capital of the country (I think)....Baltimore is scary at night!  Now I know why The Wire was based here."

Well Kathleen, Baltimore is really gonna have to up its killing if it wants that prestigious title.  New Orleans won last year with 162.  I think if they really pull together as a city, they may have a shot at it this year.  Pun fully intended.

Text #5:  "World of Beer fundraiser"

Nothing can call attention to a good cause quite like "The World of Beer"!  Let's raise a glass to the awareness of the orphans in...ah screw it!  Keg Stand!!

Text #6:  "Having a veggie delight (and watching care bears with one of my managers and my other manager's kids).

Hmmm...veggie delight and care bears.  Yvette,  there's got to be a joke in there somewhere...oh here, a riddle...  What's gayer than watching the care bears while eating a veggie delight?  Nothing!!

Text #7:  (no message)

This picture may or may not be part of the reason that Tuesdays came late this week.  Yep.  That's Jess, with 2 s's, (727) 43.....

Text #8:  "Crunch Tuesday.  I actually look forward to these.  I have turned into such a meathead."

Way to be G!  This is a major departure from the chemistry quoting, Guitar Hero playing, wiry Chinese man I know and love!

Text #9:  "Too much going on.  I'm a little out of focus"

Very creative Faithie!  Your use of ambient light and mastery of aperture really work to enhance the overall composition.  I think if you really stick with it you'll get that photography merit badge after all.

Text #10:  "Going to see West Side Story.  I've never seen it before and I'm kinda excited!  I just wish I wasn't chaperoning a bunch of kids.  You can't win them all I guess."

You don't love to see the joy in their little faces as they watch the brilliance of live theater Danielle?  Me neither.  I think there should be a giant sandbox in the parking lot for them all to play in so I can have adult quiet time!

Text #11:  "About to be dazzled!  Many friends in the show including one of my best!  Bring on the foul languange!!"

I hate to break it to you Kel, but I doubt there with be much racy language as the male morman kicks back a bottle of purified water and addresses the sister wives. 

Text #12:  "Tuesday girl's night = diner and a play at the Alliance Theatre."

I like this girl's night you speak of Kelley.  Is it troublesome that it also sounds like a good "guys night" to me? ... I'm gonna go eat a steak and kick a puppy just for thinking that!

Final Thoughts

I'm thrilled to see everyone enjoying health and entertainment in their Tuesday this week.  It's so important to treat yourself well whether it be a nice meal, a night at the theater (movie or live), some music, or a trip to the gym.  Finding happiness in you goes to enhance the happiness you can share with others.  Always remember to set some time aside to soothe your soul!

Till next time...



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