I've wanted to start a blog for some time but was stuck at the very beginning. What to write!? It's easy to get caught up in trying to be original or funny, touching or informative. Should I document fashion trends? Post various photos? Satirize U.S. politics? My search continued until recently...the first Tuesday. A close someone and I found ourselves with a completely free day. We'd planned coffee with computers, a trip to the mall, a meal here and there, a Monty Python movie, and some hot toddies. We're fun as hell! Anyway...from this day, Tuesdays with Jonny arose.


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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2/22/11- Early to rise

Today I woke up at 7AM.  That's right folks, and I was amazed to see how much can be accomplished when one wakes before noon.  I was at the gym at 9:50AM.  Starbucks by 12:30PM.  By 4PM I had nearly written 2000 words.  Then I went to the mall.  That's where this picture came from.  No, I did not get a new computer.  I went to the apple store and left my blog on the homepage of ever free computer I could find.  Some may call it clever, some may call it narcissistic, some may call it a desperate attempt at free advertising.  I call it enterprising...and I'm sticking to it!

Text # 1:  "So I know it's only Monday but this is cool.  I was at the Channel 10 station for the filming of the Live at 10 show and look who was also in the show!  She even closed the segment with "This is the song that doesn't end, yes it goes on and on my friends..." talk about nostalgic.

Try and guess which of these is not a puppet...  Joking, joking!  I recognize Danielle and Lamb Chop but I have no clue who's on the right.  By the looks of the hair and the...scarf... she looks half human/half puppet!  It's like Jim Hensen's version of Frankenstein.  

Text #2:  "Happy Tuesday...view from my new cubicle"

Leslie, I'm by no means a master in the art of Feng Shui, but the new office is looking a little sparse.  Those big windows are just begging for some stained glass...or,  I'm always be happy to send a signed headshot to dress up the walls.  

Text #3:  "too many yellows but I won't complain"

Well that looks delicious.  It seems that Jess has an in with the Easter Bunny that she never mentioned.  Holding out?  It's cool.  You can even have all the white ones.  All I want are Cadburry Creme Eggs...although they've gotten suspiciously smaller over the years.  I'm thinking of writing a letter.   

Text #4: "I had a killer day at the beach!"

Somebody is playing hooky!  I know Kaeleen's pictures of sun and fun may seem obscene to my northern followers, but try and think of it as being all relative.  You people expect an icy cold, snow filled winter.  We, however, are in Florida.  Can you believe that today has been one of few in the past couple months worthy of a beach outing?  It's a crime!

Text #5:  "I read this entire (really pretty stupid) book today."

Oh snap!  How do you feel about that Emily Griffin?  Addie committed her free, unemployed time to reading your stupid ass book.  Got anything to say for yourself?

Text #6:  "The Friedel-Crafts acylation of benzene begins when an acyl group gives up its halogen to AlCl3.  Come Back Thursday for more nerdy chemistry euphemisms!"

G, if I had any clue what that meant...I'd probably use this electrophilic aromatic substitution to allow the synthesis of monoacylated products from the reaction between arenes and acyl chlorides or anhydrides.  Just sayin'!!

Text #7:  (no message)

Big men in little pink chair...BIG MEN IN LITTLE PINK CHAIR!!  It appears that Kathleen went to the zoo in P-Town...

Text #8:  "That woman in the glasses is hot!"

...and then climbed into the cage with two new, very confused looking inhabitants?  Lucas is right though. That women in the glasses is hot!

Text #9:  "Budget season is here again.  fun fun fun"

That's right!  My mother is an elected official, and when she says it's budget season...it's budget season!!  Sharpen your pencils and put batteries in your calculators.  It's gonna be a long couple months!

Text #10:  "I would like to thank Apple and Verizon for making my technological dreams come true."

Verizon and Kelly took a very slow step into the second decade of the new Millennium.  At least they finally figured it out.  Welcome!

Final Thoughts

As I always say, "you can never have enough different people posing in the same tiny pink chair".  There's a lesson in that though.  It's been said that variety is the spice of life... and often times it is.  Something, in turn, should be said for routine.  Part of human nature is gravitating toward the familiar.  There's comfort in the things we know and hold close to our hearts.  The key is finding both variety and familiarity, then melding the two.  It's a synthesis, if you will, that makes for joy in new discoveries and revelry in the oldies but goodies!

Till next time...




Kaeleen said...

Ah what a joy to read! I'm glad to hear you are trying out the wake up eairly thing! I find it to be the norm for me, however it's exciting that you've given it a shot! I cannot believe my eyes, Lamb Chop- Is that really you!? My mother will tell you, I would not be a happy camper if she didn't wake me up at 6AM for Lamb Chop's Play Along.... She would have grumpy-pants McGee to deal with for the rest of the day. When next Tuesday rolls around, I'm going to the apple store with a bag of jelly beans, request that they have tiny pink chairs and thank God I am not in a chemistry class!

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