I've wanted to start a blog for some time but was stuck at the very beginning. What to write!? It's easy to get caught up in trying to be original or funny, touching or informative. Should I document fashion trends? Post various photos? Satirize U.S. politics? My search continued until recently...the first Tuesday. A close someone and I found ourselves with a completely free day. We'd planned coffee with computers, a trip to the mall, a meal here and there, a Monty Python movie, and some hot toddies. We're fun as hell! Anyway...from this day, Tuesdays with Jonny arose.


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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4/5/11- A day to set goals

With an impending move on the horizon and the prospect of new opportunities abound, I decided it's time to refocus my efforts and set goals.  The thrilling action shot you see above clearly documents one such goal.  Another goal is hitting 50,000 words in my book within the next week.  A third is creating a new, profitable, kick-ass blog with my bff... more to come on that last one.  Now if you'll all put your hands in the center, can I get a "whooooooaaaaa HACK"?  Thanks guys!

Text # 1:  "Tuesdays with spreadsheets.  I feel like I've become a walking stereotype..."

If you zoom in a bit further on G's picture you may enjoy his company's 2011 budget.  G, I'm not sure which stereotype insider trading fits into...Enron?... but thanks for sharing!

Text #2:  (no subject)

Mmmmm!  That looks like heaven on a plate.  The mandarin oranges are a curveball but I'll accept em'.  Jeremy is able to satisfy his gourmet palette while touring our U.S. of A.

Texts # 3 (part 1):  "Lunch at my messy desk...Again."

Ah.....I remember lunch at my messy desk!  It's not the only reason I resigned, but it weighed in heavily.

(part 2):  "I wonder if they'll miss this auction item at the gala on Saturday..."

Kaeleen, something tells me that you won't have to worry about resigning from your messy desk if you share this with your friends rather than the auctioneers.  Having said that, you know my address!

Text #4:  "Getting ready for tech week of RENT.  Sick at home with 2 guitars, low barometric pressure, and Season 5 of the Office.

As I always say, what more do you need when you have low barometric pressure and The Office?  After robbing Guitar Center, Nick must've stopped to pick up a barometer.  

Text #5:  "My lunch break table..."

I'm no art history buff Somer but, judging by the biblical comic strip before me, it seems that you may be Jesus' personal assistant?  Secretary at the Vatican?  Am I close?  

Text #6:  "Rainy day on a beach vacation"

I can only guess what Erin and Damion's son Ashyr must be thinking as he stares out at his inclement Tuesday, preventing sand castles and beach walks... "This sucks!"  (be sure to click Erin's name, she's got a great blog)

Text #7:  "Driving through downtown Atlanta on this sunny Spring Tuesday.  I love this city."

I wish I could say the same for "downtown" Tampa Kelly, but there's rain over all six of our tall buildings.

Text #8:  "Trying to learn to crochet for the 90 millionth time."

Addie, I think I've pinpointed your problem.  You're using the tooth picker from the dentist's office!

Text #9:  "Not a fun way to start a Tuesday."

I'd be nervous too Leslie.  Addie replaced all their tools with crocheting equipment.  

Text #10:  "Purging!"

That looks a lot like my first apartment.  Jess calls it purging.  I call it Astoria!

Text #11:  "Help...the one on the right or left?"

Am I missing something?  Should I adjust my screen?  At very least, Faithie needs a new roof after a hell of a winter.  

Text #12:  "Happy Birthday to my momma!  I'm taking her to a super fun restaurant, but shh it's a surprise!"

Is it Chuck E . Cheese, Danielle?  IS IT CHUCK E. CHEESE!?!?

Text #13:  "4am bootcamp - now Mad Men and a nap!"

Lowe, that sounds like my kind of Tuesday...except for bootcamp!  I leave that for the few, the proud, the... tougher than me!  

Text #14:  "Full workout and swam a mile!  I feel great!"

Well la de da!  Isn't Colte fancy with his mile swim and workout, with picture courtesy of his cool new iPhone 4?  A mile, really?  Pirates or sharks would have to be involved for me to swim further than the swim up bar.       

Text #15:  "Didn't make it to yoga class so I'm virtually finding my center."

Who needs boot camp and mile swims when you can enjoy technology in the comfort of your own home?  Yvette fired up the wii fit and had at it!

Text #16: "I've had the craziest day...had to be at unemployment office at 8am...then at 9:15 got on the train in Flushing to go home.  Well right as we were about to depart they announced "because of passenger injury on the train in front of us, there will be no Manhattan bound 7 trains until further notice"...well seeing as I'm in the middle of Korea town and there is NO other transportation...I waited to see if service would resume...it did not...I then asked an MTA worker if someone had jumped (afraid to hear the answer) and he replied, "oh yeah!  Very gruesome, body parts everywhere!!!"  Oh, thanks for that.  After 2 hours of asking gypsy cabs to take me to Astoria and getting quotes of $80!!!, and trying to get on the free shuttle bus (that 1,000 plus people were trying to get on)... I called Lucas and woke him up to see if he could come pick me up.  He did.  Thanks Lucas.  So then we went to lunch and had a beer.... an 11:45 (I needed it)... now I am sitting at "Ninja restaurant"...for Alicia's bday.  Ninja restaurant is a Japanese restaurant where NINJAS jump out at you while they serve your food.  My Tuesday... And pic of the night...some type of blue shot rimmed with POP rocks!!!...And to top it ALL off...an Asian man just walked into our private room and I screamed across the table, "you're in your normal clothes!!!!!"....and hes said, "um, I'm not a server or a ninja.  I'm just looking for the bathroom".........Racist. Me."


That's some serious texting.  I still remember beepers!  We tried to spell out simple words using numbers.  There's no doubt that if Tuesdays with Jonny gave awards for documenting a Tuesday's every moment, Kathleen would win the trophy this week.  

Final Thoughts

This week's lesson?  There doesn't always have to be a lesson.  You may not be learning something new every moment but that doesn't mean you aren't getting the most out of life.  After all, I find that many "learning experiences" are the result of an endeavor gone wrong.  Why live like that?  If we put less emphasis and pressure on our choices we won't have quite so far to fall if things go awry.  In fact, if we stay open to all the possibilities, mountains tend to look more like speed bumps!
Till next time...


ps.  I made the pictures larger this week (aside from the album that Kathleen sent).  Yay or nay?   


leonard and agnes said...
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Jess said...

k is such a show off!

ps. i'm diggin' the bigger photos.

Leslie said...

I do like the bigger pictures.
Faithie's shingles on the right is more brown than the ones on the left. What color is the house?

erin said...

jess, i wish i was there to dumpster dive your purge pile!
and yes.....everyone read my blog!

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